Providenciales Airport Reserves Area for Handicap Parking

The Turks and Caicos Islands Airports Authority (TCIAA) has reserved an area for handicap parking to accommodate disabled travelers using Providenciales International Airport.

The Airports Authority in responding to the needs of travelers using the airport, has identified a suitable area and erected a handicap sign. Noting that the space had to be painted in a visible manner, the Guyanese Association of the Turks and Caicos Islands volunteered to paint the markings.

A member of the Guyanese Association commented, “we saw fit to establish markings for disabled travels in the TCI though they are few. This is our way of giving back to the community which has given so much to all of us. We offer our sincerest appreciation to all of the TCI and we hope to be more active within the community in the coming years.”

Before designating an area for handicap parking, Lori Morris-Hughes, a frequent visitor to the Turks and Caicos Islands in an email noted, that she and her family love the warm and beautiful weather of the TCI but with her medical condition, she was not able to park in the paid lot and walk the distance to the terminal.

With Lori’s influence and in keeping with international standards, the Airports Authority had to find a position large enough to accommodate wheelchair access and to be close enough to the terminal facility. The location identified as most suitable was near the traffic roundabout and pedestrian crossing.

“Mrs. Morris Hughes has been very patient in accessing the handicapped parking space that has been assigned to all handicapped travelers. Often times when she is at the airport, she meets the area occupied with unauthorized persons and has to drive around to find a spot which is most unfair.” said, Terminal and Marketing Manager, Lavern Reynolds.

Some persons park in the handicap parking space and do not realize why this parking space is so important. The handicapped parking space should only be used by those who need it and have a valid handicap parking decal that is to be displayed at the front of the vehicle.

When people park in a spot neither created nor at anytime meant for them, they contribute to handicap parking abuse. The TCIAA will tow any vehicle that does not have the proper documents that park in this position at the expense of the owner. Owners of towed vehicles will be subject to pay a fee of $175 in addition to daily storage fees. Unauthorized parking and obstruction may also be ticketed at a rate of $250 as specified in the Road Traffic Ordinance. The intent is not to make money, but to serve as a deterrent for persons that do not follow proper protocol.

It has been the intention of the TCIAA to better serve the traveling public in all ways possible and this is the perfect example of synergy.

The paint for the exercise was provided by the Airports Authority and the handicap stencil was donated by Hertzog Caribbean LTD.