Providenciales Airport hosts educational tours of its facilities

The Turks and Caicos Islands Airports Authority has done it again, by opening its doors to two schools and giving educational airport tours to students.

First, a group of 20 students and 4 guides from the Alpha Christian Academy of Providenciales were given an extensive tour of the Providenciales International Airport (PLS). This group had students with age ranges from 4 years to 6 years old with one exception of a two year old toddler that joined the group. For some of the students, it was their first time visiting the international section of the airport.

The students were treated to a behind the scenes tour of the airport where they visited the Airport Fire Station. The students watched the firemen put on their fire gear and even spray water from a fire truck. The highlight of the tour for the students was watching the planes land and take off from the upper viewing gallery of the airport. The students were amazed of the little and large planes that they saw taxing the runway.

Teacher and guide; Mrs. Dawn Forde commented, “School trips such as this is very important for young learners. At this age, what they see, hear and feel outside of the classroom leaves a lasting impression on their little minds, and we are grateful to the TCIAA for this opportunity.”

According to the tour guides, one of the main purposes of the tour was to enhance the vocabulary of students as it relates to the Airport, Airlines and jobs in and around the Aviation Industry. After returning to school, students were asked to draw a picture of what they saw at the airport. Some drew the terminal building, the firemen with truck and of course the airplanes.

The second tour group consisted of more mature students from the third form of South Caicos based, Marjorie Basden High School. The focus of this tour was to highlight the many jobs/ career opportunities available within an international airport and to enhance the students’ knowledge of general aviation.

The group consisted of twelve well-dressed students and two teachers that traveled to Providenciales to visit not just the airport, but also tour a number of local businesses.

The students were excited to enter the recently expanded upper International Departure Lounge and have a full view of the aerodrome and all flight operations. There, a large discussion ensued of possible careers in and around the airport, such as pilots, air traffic controllers, firemen, maintenance engineers, support staff, IT staff, finance, retail business and even aviation management.

The TCIAA takes its commitment to social responsibility very seriously and makes time to embrace positive relationships within the community and support education however possible.

Both tours ended with students receiving Providenciales Airport pencils and pens as a keepsake for students, teachers and guides.