TCI Beat Records launches music vending machine at Providenciales Airport

PROVIDENCIALES, Turks & Caicos Islands – Wednesday, 8th July 2015 – On Saturday, July 4th the leading music label in the Turks and Caicos Islands, TCI Beat Records unveiled its musical CD Vending Machine in Providenciales International Airport. Directors, Mr. Herbert Swann Jr and Mr. Kelci Talbot merged their musical talents and established Paradise Studios some six years ago. TCI Beat Records, a subsidiary of Paradise Studios is in the process of broadening its scope to include vending to their musical distribution models. This machine will offer travelers the opportunity to take musical gifts with them of the island back home to share with their friends and family.

The CD Vending Machine was a custom design emerging from a normal food vending machine unit. The machine holds up to 430 CD’s in the racks and there are approximately 10 different local artists readily available for purchase. The list of artists will be updated periodically to better serve customers but now includes, “Caribbean Music Farm” and even “Island Force”. Record prices range from $5 to $20 USD. The Vending unit is currently only available to take cash but will soon be able to receive credit card transactions.

The machine was ordered from a company that is an expert in their field of vending to deliver a high quality product for customer use. This allows TCI Beat Records to offer a complete solution for their customer’s unique experience.

Customers are able to engage with the products through sensory experience of self-serve automation auditory and visually. Two listening stations have been set up with Ipads and Beats by DRE headphones to hear a 20 second clip of each song. Almost every song available in the machine can be sampled by these devices. All artists can be heard by visiting their website at

The idea to have a CD machine came when Mr. Swann was working at the Airport and he went to the soda machine and it lit up. That was the moment that he realized he could sell his music at the airport in this very same fashion. He discussed his idea with his business partner and the two formed one vision, which was to bring another aspect of tourism to the Turks & Caicos Islands through music and harness the synergy of all local musicians in order to achieve more.

According to Mr Swann, ” Music brings comfort and enlightens my day, it helps me to concentrate and it takes away all ill feelings and grey clouds.” This is the type of experience he hopes to pass on to all persons that come to these beautiful by Nature shores.

TCI Beats is looking to sign local talent to their record label and they offer a full range of services to boot. Their team of designers, engineers and producers will collaborate to create musical works that derive from the TCI. Their label will then market and distribute the records on behalf of the musician to complete the full package.

“All of the new bells and whistles transform the retail experience into a fun interactive experience for our customers,” said Mr. Talbot. One of the main goals for TCI Beat Records would be to host a music festival with all local talent. The company would like to use the festival as a platform to attract international artists to record in the TCI at their studio.

Vending machines are a booming business, evolving around the world appearing everywhere from the United States of America to the Turks and Caicos Islands. These machines are turning up in once empty spaces all across the retail landscape from hotels to grocery stores and even airports. As a leading innovator, Mr Swann takes pride in bringing CD Vending to be an attraction in this nontraditional space.